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Bishop's Pastoral Letter

Latest Bishop's pastoral letter can be accessed here.

First Communion Preparation

If you are inscribed for the First Holy Communion Preparation, you can log in here.

This year there are only nine classes (modules) and each of these will be repeated to make it easier to attend. This year more emphasis is being placed on the importance of being part of the parish community, in particular by attending Holy Mass on Sundays (or Saturday evenings) for those who wish to receive Holy Communion.

Read more about the requirements


St Joseph's Parish works with the Safeguarding team of Salford Diocese. The parish shares their aims and vision, follows their policies and benefits from their support. More information is available on their website:

For the latest contact details and policy statement, please see our safeguarding page.


Hope in the Future

Celebrating our Parish booklet is now available for download here.

Hope in the Future is an invitation to every parish in the Diocese to recognise and develop their missionary identity and their call to evangelise. First and foremost this process needs to be rooted in prayer and sustained by prayer which is why we are encouraged to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Something to read...

Revelations of Divine Love
Julian of Norwich - a 14th century anchoress - received sixteen revelations, while lying on her deathbed and gazing on the crucifix. After she recovered, she compiled two versions of a book describing the revalations - shorter and longer, where she explored in more depth mystical visions and contemplations on universal love and hope in a time of troubles, uprisings and war.

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Latest homily

Two descriptions from our own human experience of what God the Holy Spirit is like (not what the Spirit is- but what the Spirit is like and they are woefully inadequate descriptions):

God the Father is the lover who gives himself completely to the beloved, God the Son, God the Son, the beloved is the perfect recipient of and response to God the Father's love and this eternal communion of love is God the Holy Spirit an eternal Divine love that reveals the love between Father and Son and is poured out as a gift on all who would share in that love.

God the Father speaks the Word, the word spoken is the perfect expression of everything the Father is, that Word is God the Son and the act of speaking that word is God the Holy Spirit.

... Read more


Around the parish...

Our Church

The paintings showing the scenes from the life of St Joseph were commissioned in June 2011 to adorn the newly refurbished church.

The work took just over 6 months and was completed in early 2012. The two large paintings hanging on each side of the Altar show the 'Flight into Egypt' and 'The Death of St Joseph'. The two smaller paintings on the sanctuary arches show 'The dream of St Joseph' and 'The Nativity'.

To view some close-up photos of the paintings and find our more about this work, visit Our Church section.

Find our more about our parish.

Our Faith

Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a compendium of Church's teaching. Split into 4 parts, it uses the Creed to present and explain what we believe, our Faith. It also explains in detail each of the seven sacraments - their their meaning, signs and effects. The ten commandments are used to present the Natural Moral Law in the light of the Gospel and the words of 'Our Father' to present the basis of Church's teaching about prayer.

If you want to find out more about the faith, please have a look at the section summaries, available for download now, in the Catechism section.

More detailed explanations and discussions will be added shortly.

Find our more about the faith.


Divine Office

The Divine Office, together with the Holy Mass forms the public prayer of the Church. It aims to sanctify the day and follow the command to pray without ceasing (cf. 1 Thessalonians 5:17). We can find the tradition of praying at certain times of the day, going at least as far back as the first Apostles (cf. Acts 3:1). A more structured form based on the Psalms first appeared with the emergence of early monastic communities, and remained in the Church ever since.

Public Morning prayer celebrated at St Joseph's Mon - Thurs at 8.30am.

View the Divine Office section for a bit more background to the Liturgy of the Hours and to view today's texts.

Find our more about prayer.
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Holy Mass

Monday - Thursday: 9am
Friday: 7pm
Saturday: 9am and 6.30pm (Sunday's Mass)
Sunday: 11am


Saturday: after 9am Mass and 6pm to 6.20pm
Sunday: 10.30am to 10.50am and 3.30pm to 4pm


Parish Priest: Fr Ian Farrell
Address: St Joseph's Presbytery, Portland Crescent, Manchester, M13 0BU
Call or text: 0757 528 8370


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