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Father Farrell's new contact details

A number of people have asked for Father Farrell's new contact details.
They are as follows:

Address: St Wustan's Presbytery, Rushton Street, Great Harwood, Lancs, BB6 7JQ
Phone: 07546 852229

Father Farrell wants to say: "Thank you for many generous gifts, kind cards and comments. You are wonderful parishioners and will always be in my prayers.
Please welcome Fr Morland and be as good to him as you have been to me."



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St. John chooses very carefully which episodes of Jesus' earthly ministry he records in his gospel. He only writes about seven of Jesus' miracles, he devotes whole chapters to episodes that the other Gospel's hardly speak about and he mentions Our Blessed Lady only twice. When you read something in St. John's Gospel you know this is important. Our Lady appears here at Cana, the beginning of Jesus' public ministry and she appears once more at the end, on Golgotha, standing beneath the Cross. On both occasions Jesus addresses her with profound respect. There is no good equivalent in modern English to the word Jesus uses, Woman is close, but perhaps 'My Lady' would be better...


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The sacrament of reconciliation is above all an act of God's love, a personal moment lived in the relationship of love with God.

Like the Church, each of her members, is always in need of purification and, following the path of penance and renewal, seeks with a contrite heart to grow in love of Christ.

Visit Confession page, to find out more about the elements of a good confession and when and how to make your confession at St Joseph's.

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Parish Priest: Fr Rob Morland SMA
Address: St Joseph's Presbytery, Portland Crescent, Manchester, M13 0BU
Call or text: 0757 528 8370


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