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First Communion Preparation

If you are inscribed for the First Holy Communion Preparation, you can log in here.

This year there are only nine classes (modules) and each of these will be repeated to make it easier to attend. This year more emphasis is being placed on the importance of being part of the parish community, in particular by attending Holy Mass on Sundays (or Saturday evenings) for those who wish to receive Holy Communion.

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Something to read...

Revelations of Divine Love
Julian of Norwich - a 14th century anchoress - received sixteen revelations, while lying on her deathbed and gazing on the crucifix. After she recovered, she compiled two versions of a book describing the revalations - shorter and longer, where she explored in more depth mystical visions and contemplations on universal love and hope in a time of troubles, uprisings and war.

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Latest homily

See with us, often, we are tempted and after a while or almost immediately we might sin. But when by God's grace we resist a temptation we can experience that temptation as a difficult and distressing struggle. This is very clear when part of the temptation is our will wanting, being attracted to, something that our intellect knows is wrong. I want a chocolate but I've given them up for Lent. That of course can not happen with Our Lord his will his desire is always for what is truly good - but what about when a member of your family or a friend tries to make you miss Mass on a Sunday. Oh just this once they say, God won't mind, come shopping with me...

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Around the parish...

Syro – Malabar Rite

Within the Church, different traditions have different ways of celebrating Mass. Each of these ways, developed over centuries and approved by the Church, identify the spirituality and insights of a particular Church within the communion of the one Church.

The Syro-Malabar Rite which Father Thomas and many of our Indian community celebrate follows the East Syrian liturgical rite rooted in the ancient Christian community of Edessa (Chaldea).

To find our more, visit the Syro - Malabar page.

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Our Faith

Online Library

Our Online library provides a selection of spiritual reading resources. The topics cover theology, prayer and lives of the saints.

Most of the books are available as free e-books.

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The sacrament of reconciliation is above all an act of God's love, a personal moment lived in the relationship of love with God. Like the Church, each of her members, is always in need of purification and, following the path of penance and renewal, seeks with a contrite heart to grow in love of Christ.

Visit Confession page, to find out more about the elements of a good confession and when and how to make your confession at St Joseph's.

Find our more about prayer.
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