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What happens at Mass?

During Holy Mass, our Lord offers to the Father, through the ministry of the ordained priest, His body and blood which were sacrificed on the cross. As such the sacrifice of the Mass is the sacrifice of the Calvary, and each Mass is infinite in scope and power.

That sacrifice is offered for various intentions mentioned in the Eucharistic prayer, such as the Pope, local bishop, faithful departed... However, when asked, the priest may also offer a Mass with a particular intention in mind - for a soul of a deceased person, in thanksgiving, petition, etc.

Mass intentions

Traditionally, when people asked for a Mass to be offered in their intentions, as a sign of their involvement in the Holy Mass, they made an offering, called stipend. It is used to support the priest and local church. The practise is regulated by the Canon Law. Nowadays people normally offer about GBP10.

How to arrange a Mass?

Please see the priest in person to arrange the Mass.

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