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Two descriptions from our own human experience of what God the Holy Spirit is like (not what the Spirit is- but what the Spirit is like and they are woefully inadequate descriptions):

God the Father is the lover who gives himself completely to the beloved, God the Son, God the Son, the beloved is the perfect recipient of and response to God the Father's love and this eternal communion of love is God the Holy Spirit an eternal Divine love that reveals the love between Father and Son and is poured out as a gift on all who would share in that love.

God the Father speaks the Word, the word spoken is the perfect expression of everything the Father is, that Word is God the Son and the act of speaking that word is God the Holy Spirit.

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23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

I want to say a few words about the first communion preparation this year.

This year there are only nine classes and each of these will be repeated to make it easier to attend. This year more emphasis is being placed on the importance of being part of the parish community, in particular by attending Holy Mass on Sundays (or Saturday evenings) for those who wish to receive Holy Communion.

Once a child has attended all 9 classes and attended Sunday or Saturday evening Mass 25 times their parents are free to ask Father Farrell to decide if he thinks their child is ready to begin receiving Holy Communion.

First Holy Communion will normally be at the 11am Mass on 17th & 24th June and 1st & 8th July, however parents are free to ask Father Farrell about a different Sunday.

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