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19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus reveals God's knowledge of and love for us when he gives himself for the life of the world, when he offers himself in our place and for us to the Father on the cross. Seeing and meditating upon that sacrifice we are drawn to love and know Jesus and to offer ourselves in love in union with him. Our efforts may be as small as making a cup of tea on Mother's Day but our effort is joined to his perfect sacrifice and our love and knowledge, weak though it may be, becomes part of Jesus' divine love and knowledge.

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4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Those who mourn are blessed. This is not the mourning of those who have lost hope in life and in God but the mourning that comes from the encounter with Divine love revealed in Jesus. We see it in St Peter when having betrayed our Lord, he meets his gaze, dissolves in tears and then repents and begins again. We see it in a different way in Mary Our Mother and the tiny few gathered at the foot of the cross. They are helpless, they can do nothing about what is happening, but they suffer with Jesus, they do not harden their hearts to those who are suffering.

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