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Letters from St Joseph's school

Letters from St Joseph's school

20 Dec 2017

We have been busy preparing for Christmas. We sang in the choir for our Nativity play, we had great fun and our parents were very proud. In class we decorated biscuits and made snowmen for our Christmas Fair, it was lots of fun. This week has been very busy, with Christmas dinner, parties and Carols around the Crib. We also visited church to see the beautiful nativity scene. We are very excited for our Christmas break and are looking forward to spending time with our friends and family, celebrating the birth of Jesus. Merry Christmas.

12 Dec 2017

Year 2 have had a great half term at St Joseph's. We started with a great trip to Bolton Wildlife Resource centre and ended with the Nativity performance with lots of fun and learning in between. Our topic was mini-beasts and we studied bees, made bug hotels and went on a bug hunt as we learned more about habitats. Year 2 also took part in a football tournament at the Etihad. The team did really well and made it all the way to the semi finals!

6 Dec 2017

In year this term we have been learning all about food. Not just the food we eat but strange food from other countries. Did you know that in Vietnam they drink a Red Blood Soup, in Norway they eat Lutefish and in France they eat Snails (they call it L'escargot).

They best part of our topic work was the visit we made to Pizza Express. We prepared and baked pizza and then we got to take them home and eat them. They were delicious!

We are now preparing for Christmas. Our class is decorated and most importantly we have a crib. Every day we have a chance to go to the crib and remember the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.

Merry Christmas and have a Happy and Holy New Year.

From everybody in Year 3

28 November 2017

So far this half term we have been studying all about potions in our cornerstone topic. This has included looking at how potions have been used historically and how they could be used in the future! We have designed our very own potions with a special power. Some of these included giving children the ability to fly, read minds, become invisible and also to make us all smart.

Our trip this half term was to MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry). We had a private 'Explosions' show that showed off different reactions! We also went round all the exhibits and had a great time!

This week we have started to create some scenery for our potions story. We will create little characters and make a short film using still images!

23 Nov 2017

This half term we have been learning all about Ancient Egyptians. To help us with our Topic we visited Manchester Museum. We had an amazing day and learnt some amazing things - We even got to see a real Mummy! As well as this we also got to explore the rest of the Museum. We all really loved seeing the frogs in the Vivarium.

In RE we are learning about God's Covenants with Noah, Abraham and Moses. We are thinking about what we can do to strengthen our relationships with God such as being good stewards and being loving towards each other. We always look forward to visiting Church for Mass during our class holy week and we know how important it is to be prayerful.

Year 5

15 Nov 2017

After our first half term (which was very busy), we had a short break and then began a new term with another Caritas Day. It was all about “Stewardship” and how we can care for our Common Home, the Earth. During our day, we learned about “Laudato Si” which was a letter from Pope Francis addressed to the whole world. We made a collage to show what we had learnt throughout the day and the background was based on God’s colourful world.

We learnt about Global Warming and linked it to our new topic - “Frozen Kingdom”. Learning about how it affects animals such as polar bears, we discussed how we could make a change by getting involved in society and politics.

As part of our topic, we went on a class trip to the Merseyside Maritime Museum. There, we learnt about the Titanic and how is sank and why it is such an important event in history.

As it is the month of November, some pupils from year 6 took a trip to Gorton Cemetery. Here we took part in a service where we sang hymns, prayed for the soldiers who died during wars and those who are part of the army today. We laid a wreath and put crosses into the flower bed in front of the monument. Feeling very privileged, we were able to have our photographs taken with a standard bearer.

8 Nov 2017

Our new Reception class is settling very well! In our first topic we learnt all about water and this led us to our first trip of the year to the Sea Life Center and it was amazing.

We have been learning about God's world and his love for us and considering ways that we can care for the wonderful world God created for us. This has also included caring for our ducks and cleaning and collecting their eggs.

We have all wrote a special prayer thanking God for the family and friends he has given to us. We are looking forward to the next half term and the many new and exciting experiences we have ahead of us.

18 Oct 2017

We have had a fantastic first half term back at school.

We have just celebrated Harvest with a lovely assembly in school, led by year 2. We have shared what we have with others by donating food to Cornerstones. Our Superheroes topic has been great fun. We have enjoyed designing superheroes, logos; using our 'super' senses to explore and thinking about the everyday superheroes in our lives.

We have just enjoyed a trip to Bounce Central and are looking forward to next half term and all the exciting activities planned for our topic- Forests!

Year 1

11 Oct 2017

Year 2 have had a great start to the new academic year. We have been on a brilliant trip to Beeston castle which has helped us to learn about how castles where built and why they were built. It is our class assembly this week and we are looking at the harvest and being thankful for all things that grow and help us be healthy.

4 October 2017

In Year 3 we have been enjoying going to Forest Crew. Every Tuesday afternoon we walk to Birchfields Park and play games, explore and learn new and exciting things.

Last week we learned about Andy Goldsworthy. He was a sculptor, environmentalist and artist. When we were at Forest Crew we created our own sculptures using materials from the environment just like Goldsworthy. We hope you like them! We have also been on a scavenger hunt. It was great fun.

Father Ian is coming to our class every Monday to prepare us for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. We are all enjoying his lessons so we would like to thank him for all of his hard work.

27 Sept 2017

Year Four has started the year really well and have settled into their new classroom with their new teacher. It has already been a busy half term! So far we have been planning our writing to continue a fantasy story, focusing on the characters and the settings of the story!

We have had a great time with our new school PE coaches from Manchester City. They are ace and are teaching us all about teamwork whilst keeping fit at the same time! This week we have been to church to celebrate Mass and we will be visiting the church again later in teh week foe exposition. It was even our assembly on Friday about the Parables of Jesus!

We are excited for Monday the 2nd October as we go on our first school trip to Crowden near Glossop!

20 Sept 2017

This week in year 5 we have had a great time, we have been working very hard. In our RE lessons we have been learning about the story of creation. We have thought about what we can learn from the story. Because god rested on the seventh ay and admired his creation we know that it is important to take pride in our work.

On Friday we had our class assembly. We taught the rest of the school about our house saints. On Tuesday morning we attended Mass and Isla and Dwayne did fantastic job at altar serving. We are all very excited because this Friday we are going on a class trip to Jodrell Bank.

By Giovanna and Dwayne.

Year 5

13 Sept 2017

We started the new school year in Year 6 by introducing ourselves to our new teachers Miss Bradley, Mrs van Es and Mrs Fahey.

As we do every term, we started with a “Caritas Day” based on the “Dignity of the Human Person”. We looked at how people matter more than possessions and learned that we cannot serve two masters; it is either money or God.

Half way through the day, Father Farrell came in and blessed our class to help us to have a successful year and receive exemplary SATS results.
During the summer holidays, Mrs Eccles realised that all our ducks were male (that’s why they were fighting so much!).So she gave two of them to Reddish Vale farm and bought three female ducks to keep our male duck company. Guess what!? All of our female ducks lay eggs! We have even had cakes made from the eggs!!!

Also during the holidays, Mrs Eccles decided to make a play area near the ducks with hammocks, a creative area, tyres, equipment to make dens and, best of all, a mud kitchen. It is fabulous!

Our class did the first assembly of the year and we did it based on Friends. During the assembly, we were paired with our ‘special friends’ from the Reception class. This is a tradition that we have been doing for many years. Glory was paired up with Jacob and Lizabelle was paired up with Grace.
We have had a brilliant start to the new school year and hope we have a great year ahead.

By Glory and Lizabelle

6 Sept 2017

Our new term has begun and the children have all returned happy and ready to learn in their new classes.

On Monday we began with a Caritas Day which is the social teaching of the Catholic Church. The theme was the Dignity of the Human Person. The day began with an assembly and the children spent their time exploring different aspects of this and shared it together at the end of the day.

Father came into school and visited every class to pray for a successful year.

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