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Letters from St Joseph's school

Letters from St Joseph's school

19 July 2017

In Year One we have been learning about the Miracles of Jesus. We have enjoyed reading the stories in the Bible. Now we are making models, so we can tell these stories to the Reception children.

11 July 2017

We have had an exciting half term in year 2 with lots of fun activities and learning happening. The class worked really hard during their Sats and achieved great results throughout May so during June and July we have been enjoying our topic work. We have been enjoying forest crew every week and have made some fantastic natural objects, one of which was a shelter for Timmy the hedgehog. We have also had a great time at sports day at St Peter’s High School and we all received medals for our efforts!

5 July 2017

This term Miss Moore a student teacher has being teaching our class. We did lots of exciting activities with her. We were learning about plants and she helped us to understand how plant cells are made up. She introduced us to fantastic scientific vocabulary like Chloroplast, Mitochondria and Cytoplasm to name a few. These were some of the ingredients of a plant cell which she helped us to recreate using jelly, whipped cream and sweets. It was so good we ate them when we were finished!

In our RE we are learning all about Judaism. It is very interesting finding out how people of other religions live their life as God wanted them to.

For many of us in Year 3 we have made our First Holy Communion and celebrated this with the Parish community and the school community. It has been wonderful and we can’t thank Father Farrell enough for all his help. We would also like to thank all those people in the Parish who prayed for us at this very important time in our lives.

Year 3

29 June 2017

Year Four have had a very busy and action packed term. We have been studying the Romans. We were lucky enough to invite a visitor into our class who was a Roman re-en-actor. He kindly shared his artifacts with the class and even allowed one of us to dress up as a Roman soldier. In the afternoon we acted out a Roman battle, using shields and foam swords. We really enjoyed it, especially when we threw our foam swords at Mr Uttley.

We have recently started our Forest Crew weeks. This involves us going to Birchfields Park and playing games and creating pictures from the natural resources that we can find in the park.

This week has seen our week with the ducks which is teaching us to be responsible for looking after living things. We have to clean out the pen and change their water and food. It is hard work!

Lastly, we have undertaken our end of year exams. Everybody worked really hard and got good results! I think we have earned our trip to the beach on the 17th of July!

21 June 2017

On Tuesday, Year 5 went to Holy Mass and returned the next day for Exposition, this gave us the time to pray and reflect on the really important things in our life.
This Monday and Tuesday, it was Year 5's duty to clear out after the ducks. This involved: clearing out the hay, filling their drinking water, changing the water in the blue tub and the pond plus filling up their food.

During our Topic lessons, we have been learning about the Tudors and the Monarchs. The main person that we are focusing on is Henry VIII. So far in our lessons, we have learnt that he had six wives and he beheaded almost all of his wives!!!

The weather this half term is extremely hot. Some of the pupils in Year 5 and Year 6 will be going to Ghyll Head on 26th June for 3 days. This is a fabulous residential break for us and we are really looking forward to the experience.

In English we have been doing our assessments this week with our Maths to come next week. We have worked very hard so we hope our results are good.

Glory Year 5

15 June 2017

This half term we started with a Caritas Day. It was all about solidarity for the common good. In class we talked about what solidarity looked like at St. Joseph's School. We read from the bible Micah 6:8 'to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.' Year 6 produced some fabulous work to show in the assembly.
We are also looking forward to having lots of fun in our final term in St Joseph's after working so hard in our SAT's. We have lots of activities booked: water sports centre, forest crew, the beach, sports day, BMX cycling, Y6 final show, leaver's assembly, leaver's mass and afternoon tea. It's going to be an exciting final term!

28 May 2017

In Reception this week we have been busy creating the resources for our new Reading area which we are turning into a Reading Garden. We have read the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and Owl Babies and we have though about the various mini beasts God created.

We have made some butterflies and looked at the concept of symmetry. Continuing with our Maths theme we have also looked at doubling and halving and we had some yummy cakes which we shared wit our Maths Partners.

17 May 2017

It was Year One’s Assembly this week. We told everybody about Mary because May is her special month. Mary was kind to Jesus and cared for him. Mary is our mother in Heaven and she listens to our prayers. We offered flowers to her and gave her a crown.
Year One

10 May 2017

In Year 2 we have been really busy getting ready for our sats this half term. In amongst all of the hard work we have found time to plant our own bean plants from seed and we are keeping diaries of their progress. Yesterday we transferred them into soil for the first time.

We have also been thinking about how we can be good stewards of the world we live in. We decided that it was very important to take care of every living thing in the world and make sure that our local environment is kept clean and tidy.

02 May 2017

This term has been an exciting term for us . Our topic was Heroes and Villains. We found out lots of interesting information about modern day heroes such as Marie Curie. For homework we concentrated on heroes in the Bible such as Jesus and Noah. We also looked at fictious heroes such as Spiderman. For villains we wrote poems about Cruella De Vil and riddles for The Riddler.

In computing we are in the process of making our own animated Stop Motion films. This is very exciting, we have spent lots of time creating characters, props and background scenes.
Next term we are looking forward to 'Forest Crew'.

25 April 2017

So the Spring term flew past in the blink of an eye! However, Year 4 have been hard at work on numerous topics and activities. Possibly our most exciting topic has been our literacy and our music which we have combined together. In Literacy we have been looking at play scripts and persuasive writing and in our science work we have been looking at sound. So after learning about volume and pitch we wrote letters to a band called Seafret trying to persuade them to let us in their band. Unfortunately they couldn’t choose just one of us as all the letters were that good but they did send us some signed goodies and wrote a reply back to us!
Our Literacy topic has ties in well with us and our performance of the Easter Production which we have been rehearsing for! It is going well so far, we hope you can enjoy it!
Our topic work has been about 1066 and specifically The Battle of Hastings. We have used the computers to create our own versions of the Bayeux Tapestry and explored the tapestry through a website. We have also looked at what weapons were used during the battle and what the result meant for England as a country.

4 April 2017

As usual, this half term has been very busy and we are working so hard to be ready for our SAT's in a few weeks.

On Tuesday we went to Holy Mass and returned the next day for Exposition, this gave us the time to pray and reflect on the really important things in our life and how next week -Holy Week- is where our thoughts should be and to try our best to make our last week of Lent a good one.

Last Friday we had a 'Crazy Hair Day' at school (including staff) to raise money to go towards the replacement of the broken window at church, we are also running Easter Egg raffles and a 'Design a Cross' competition which the Minnie Vinnies are running and one of the many prizes is a huge chocolate cream egg plus lots of gorgeous little fluffy bunnies and chicks.

Please say a prayer for us as we get nearer and nearer to SAT's week which begins on the 8th May.

Annabel Year 6

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