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Letters from St Joseph's school

Letters from St Joseph's school

20 Dec 2016

We are now celebrating the final week of Advent and have made a lovely Advent Wreath.

This half term has been an exciting half term for Year 4. In literacy we have been learning about different types of poetry and what features go into a Haiku poem. We then followed this up with our unit of writing recounts of events.

Maths has been based around symmetry, place value and using methods of arithmetic to solve questions.

In science we have been looking at how particles behave in a solid, liquid, and a gas, this has involved work outside as we pretended to be the particles in an item.

Our RE topic has been 'Trust in God' and throughout this half term we have identified ways in which we can trust God in our own lives. We also learnt about how people in the Bible should have used their trust in God to help others.

13 Dec 2016

This half term in Literacy we have been learning about poems and we have read a poem about a city! We were learning how to use personification and this poem has inspired us to use it in our writing.

We have also visited Clitheroe Castle because we have been learning about castles in our topic. We learnt about the castle keep and what it was used for. In the afternoon we learn all about dragons. We even learnt how to protect dragons using swords! It was lots of fun.

Onome, Year 5

6 Dec 2016

On Monday the children from Year 6 went to Manchester Royal Infirmary on an I.M.P.S visit (The Injury Minimization Programme for Schools). Earlier, in the previous week, we had all taken a quiz to see how much we knew about life skills, there were many different types of questions to answer. We travelled there in the school mini bus. At the hospital we watched a few videos about dangers and how we would react to each case if help were required. After that one group at a time were taken from the teaching studio to different departments in the hospital while the remaining children were learning how to react to and carry out CPR, after a certain amount of time the groups were swapped over.

Visiting the Children’s Hospital each of us received a butterfly plaster on our face and also managed to have a mini plaster of Paris bandage on our finger. We also learnt about what type of injury would require hospital treatment. After the trip, a few days later, we did the same quiz again to see how much we had learnt about our basic life skills BUT also to remember the most important thing is - before you do anything to assist an accident or situation is to check for DANGER to yourself first.

By Annabel

29 Nov 2016

In Year One we have been to Forest Crew and played near the outdoor classroom at school. We collected leaves and twigs and made pictures. We made bark rubbings on the trees. It was fun and we ate some biscuits.

Last week we went to Exposition at church. We sat on the altar and we prayed and listened to a story from the Bible. We said 10 Hail Marys with Father Farrell.

Ora Year One

22 Nov 2016

In Year 2 this half term we have been learning all about animals and their habitats. We went on a really exciting trip to Formby where we visited the pine woods, the deciduous woods, the sand dunes and the beach. We collected things from each area we visited and looked at them closely when we got back to class.

This week we have been thinking about the mysteries and we all thought of questions we would like to ask God. We have also started to learn the songs for our nativity play and have been getting ready for Advent.

Year 2

17 Nov 2016

In Year 3 we have been learning French. Mrs Gilbert our French teacher is very nice. She has taught us how to say our name and say what age we are in French. She has also taught us how to understand class rules that she calls out in French. It is very exciting to be able to learn another language. We can also play different games in French. Being in the Juniors is just the best!

In RE we have now started learning about Mary our Mother. She was chosen by God to be the mother of His son Jesus. Why did God choose Mary you ask? Well she was a very good person, she loved God with all of her heart and she would do whatever He asked.

On Thursday we will be going to the cinema as a special treat. We are all excited. We will tell you more about that next time.

Year 3

9 Nov 2016

In the half term Year 4 was very busy! We had fun, food and fitness week. We measured out different fruits and vegetables in Maths. We made fruit pots and after break we got to eat them! YUM!

We also learnt about mountains. Our teacher asked us to write a fact file on Mount Everest. We had fun learning all about mountains!
So far in Year four we have had lots of fun!

Year 4

2 Nov 2016

The last week before the holidays was 'Fun, Food and Fitness' week. In problem solving we made a healthy breakfast. We used percentages to find out how much we needed of each ingredient so we could make the breakfast. In the healthy breakfast we had strawberry yogurt, vanilla yogurt, strawberries, raspberries and granola. It was a tasty breakfast! We also tried out all different kinds of fruits in class. We tried fruits such as pineapple, blueberries, kiwi and mango. We tried hummus and avocado too as lots of us had never had it before!

This week we will be going to Exposition at church with Father Farrell. We will be taking our rosary beads and we are going to say a decade of the rosary.

Adonay Yonas, Year 5.

18 Oct 2016

Last term Year 4 visited the extraordinary 'White Scar Cave'.

It was mysteriously deep and reverberated. In the first opening there was a toy dummy representing Christopher Long, it was creepy and some boys exclaimed "Cool" but most girls squealed in fear that it was a real body. There was water trickling down from high above, and in the centre of the cave was a marvellous, breath-taking sight it was a waterfall, sometimes splashing people. There was a Witches face, it looked like it was carved into the stone, but fascinatingly it gradually appeared, also a person said rabbits would like to see this and a few years later, a tiny rock carrot sprouted from the ceiling.

Also a fun fact is the last man on duty to lock up the cave heard a peculiar sound like a voice, following him but whenever he looked back no one was there... spooky. I highly recommended White Scar Cave to everyone, they'll discover spook adventures inside the Cave and I undoubtedly enjoyed my remarkable visit and I intestinally wish I could go again.

Makeda - Year 4

11 Oct 2016

This week is Year One's assembly week. We talked about the Harvest. The farmers pick food in the fields for us. We collected food to share with other people. We said some prayers to thank God for everything He gives to us.


5 Oct 2016

All of the children in Year 2 have had a great start to the new term.

We have started our new topic by looking at different liquids and how they mix together, it was very messy!

We have been on a visit to the church for exposition with Father Farrell. We were allowed to sit at the altar and get really close to the Blessed Sacrament. The Door of Mercy came to our school today. We learnt about the year of Mercy and then we were allowed to walk through the door! It was exciting!

Year 2

27 Sept 2016

We are now in the Juniors in Year 3. This is the year that some of us will be making our First Holy Communion. Father Farrell has started to help us to prepare for this great occasion. He comes to our class every Monday. He is teaching us about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In RE Mrs.Costelloe is reminding us about our baptism. Some people in our class were baptised in India! My friend bought in her baptismal garment and others have brought in photographs from their big day.

Our topic this term is called 'Scrumdiddlyumptious'. We are learning all about food and because of that Mrs Costelloe took us to Tesco in Gorton. We had a wonderful memorable experience which was made possible because we travelled there in the school mini bus. When we got to Tesco we began our visit by finding lots of fruits and the countries where they came from. We visited the cheese and fish counters. We went into the storeroom and we were allowed to go into the giant chiller and the even bigger freezer. It was amazing! The best bit about the visit was the tasting activities. We got to taste lots of different cheeses and then we were given fruit salad, a mixture of dips to try and some cool bottled water to wash it all down.

So far Year 3 has been very exciting so we are really looking forward to the rest of the year.

Riya George

20 Sept 2016

It has been a very good start to Year Four so far.

In RE we have been learning about the Bible. We have learned that there are two parts to the Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament. We have learned about God’s creation. All we have today is because of God. It took seven days to create the world. On the seventh day God rested.

In Maths we have been learning about place value. We have learnt how to add four digit numbers and more than and less than. We have also learned about electricity. We researched all the dangers with electricity and we wrote them in our science books. We joined circuits to make lights work and we opened plugs to see what was inside it.

In English we wrote book reviews and we learned about adjectives, nouns and punctuation. In Read Write we learned about what a ‘dilemma’ is and we told some dilemmas that we had faced.

We have had a very good start to our new year!

14 Sept 2016

We have settled back into school and we love being in Year 5!

Last week we started our new Science topic which is about Space! We learnt about the eight planets in our Solar System, two types of planets, Jovian and Terrestrial.

This week we have been practising our Assembly, we are sharing all we know about people that are called by God to a vocation. For example my Mum is a Nurse and she has been called by God to look after people that are ill.

Linette - Year 5

06 Sept 2016

On Monday it was Caritas day in our school. We started the day with an assembly all about Human Dignity. We then had a class discussion and read a story about sacrificing precious treasures. The story had a message which was: People matter more than possessions. After that we completed an information booklet by answering a few questions about the story and what treasures we would take to heaven. Not possessions like money, things like stewardship, dignity or solidarity.

Once that activity had finished we drew around our hands, cut them out and created a paper crucifix. We placed it on the palm of one of the hands. On the other we placed some pennies which we also cut out. We read Matthew 6:19-24 "You can not serve two masters, either you love one and hate the other or be devoted to one and despise one". We thought about the meaning of this.

We had a very reflective but enjoyable day.

Maria Year 6

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