Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Mystery of Christmas

The great mystery at the heart of Christmas is that this baby, conceived in Mary's womb and born nine months later in Bethlehem is God.

Who is born at Bethlehem? Jesus who is the 2nd person of the Blessed Trinity. What is Jesus, he is divine, he is God and he is human he is a man.

As God he has always existed, as man he was conceived nine months before his mother gave birth to him.

The Christmas mystery is that the little baby who is utterly dependent on Mary his Mother is the all powerful God. The little baby just a few hours old is God who has existed for ever. The little baby who can neither read nor write is God who knows everything. The little baby who needs to be fed and kept warm and comforted is God who needs nothing.

It is this mystery so unlikely, so improbable, so difficult and so mysterious, that the little baby at Bethlehem is truly God and truly man, that the Church for 2000 years, not without struggle and set backs, has proclaimed and indeed fought for.

Mary, Mother of God

Many do not believe, many try to dilute the mystery. They may say the baby will grow to be a great teacher a man of wisdom and peace and love, a model for us to follow and imitate - but they stop short of saying 'He is God'. Others believe he is God but can't quite accept that he is truly man and so fail to honour the one whom Jesus loved above all others, Mary his mother, Mary but for whom he would never have been born. But the Church's constant response has been 'Jesus is Truly God and Truly Man'.

Why this emphasis? - because creation, this baby's creation was wrecked by man. The sin of Adam destroyed the relationship between God and Man, between man and woman and between Man and creation. Sin and death entered into God's world. Justice demands that the one who did the damage, Man, should repair it. But only God can repair creation, only God can forgive sin, only God can overcome death. So God becomes man. Each human act of that little baby is an act of God, each human act of that little baby fully reveals and fulfills the will of God, the love of God, the plan of God. And by those acts creation is re-created. The damage is repaired. Sin is forgiven and death gives way to eternal life.

All this we meditate upon throughout the weekdays and Sundays and seasons of the Church's year. At Christmas we celebrate, we are amazed; the Word has become flesh, a baby is God, we sense the silence of the world holding its breath. Because even those who do not really know what Christmas is are still affected by the wonder of creation when the Creator is born of one of his creatures.

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