23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our need for healing

We can see the Blessed Trinity revealed in the Gospel. As he cures the man Jesus looks up to heaven 'the Father', he sighs, a sign of being filled with the Holy Spirit, and he touches the man, a sign of the Son made man. This revelation of the action of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit makes clear that this miracle is not just a simple healing but part of the great grace which is the recreation of humanity and the fulfilment of the promises made to Israel.

The people's response is to quote the prophecy of Isaiah which was the first reading. In Jesus God has effected a transformation, not just the dumb speaking and the deaf hearing but water in the desert, streams in the wasteland, scorched earth becoming a lake.

St James gives us an example of what this transformation this recreation means for us. Those who are poor according to the world are the ones God chooses to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom. When we see those who are poor, even those who are poor through their own fault, when we see those who suffer, when we see sinners, even when we see sin in ourselves, we should recognise the desert, the wasteland, the scorched earth, the very places God wishes to transform through the presence of Christ our Saviour. Like the crowd in the Gospel we should, in our prayers, ask Jesus to lay his hand on us and on others to heal them.

First Communion preparation

I just want to say a little about first communion preparation this year. It is the primary duty of parents to prepare their children for Holy Communion. So this year I am asking parents to be certain that they are part of the parish community by joining us at mass each week. If the parents are not then they will not be able to prepare their children by word and example. Practically they must inscribe themselves into the course and have to have been to Mass at least 10 times before their children can begin preparation. Please remind any parents you know.

I will be working each week with children in School, there will be classes for children who may not be in a Catholic School and I will also be having meetings with the parents to offer help and encouragement as they prepare their children. Each month next year there will be a Sunday Mass at which the parents and children will give God thanks for the progress they are making towards Holy Communion.

Finally in addition to all this the will be a twice monthly Sunday school for children in year 4 to year 6 which will continue to deepen their understanding and love of Jesus in Holy Communion.

Please keep this initiative in your prayers.

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