18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus teaches the crowds

After the sign of the feeding of the five thousand we come now to the very beginning of Jesus' teaching on the Most Holy Eucharist, his gift of himself to us. Our Lord re-directs the crowd from concern over ordinary bread to what we might call real bread. Work for the bread that last to eternal life he tells them. "How do we do the works of God?" they ask and at this moment the profound teaching of our Saviour becomes ever clearer.

"You must believe in the one God sends" he tells them. Notice how far along the path of faith these listeners are. They have seen Jesus' miracles they have heard him teach - they already believe he is the one God has sent because they say "give us a sign to show we should believe in you". It is a legitimate question after all Moses the great prophet gave a great sign when he gave manna in the desert, that white bread like substance that the Israelites collected each morning as the travelled through the desert. And the people quote scriptures to Jesus "He gave them bread from Heaven to eat".

Th bread from heaven

"No" say Jesus you haven't understood, that scripture does not refer to Moses and to manna it refers to God and to the bread he gives. The bread of God, the bread that gives life to the world". Well then give us that bread they ask, let that be the sign that we should believe in you".

And then like a thunderclap "I am the bread of life". The sign that they should believe in Jesus and the one in whom they should believe are the same. It is Jesus. He is the answer to the question "what are we to do if we are to do the works of God". Jesus is the work of God and he does the work of God, he is the bread that God sends that gives life to the world. Over the next few weeks we will hear our Blessed Lord teaching us more about this gift of the bread of life which is at the heart of our faith.

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