20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Canaanite Woman

Logically we know that Jesus who is God cannot commit a sin, cannot be nasty or uncharitable or unfeeling. Yet in life we all know there are times when we ask 'how can God allow this, why have you been so unfair God, why have you abandoned me'. These are heartfelt expressions of anguish, of suffering, of lack of understanding of confusion - but we are never actually saying 'God is being evil, he is doing wrong"

Amongst many other things today's Gospel teaches us how to respond even in the harshest trials of life. Though she is a pagan the Canaanite woman manifests the beginning of a journey of faith which, in her conversation with Our Lord, grows and becomes stronger. The woman was not afraid to cry to Jesus "Have mercy on me" she believed he could do something, she calls him "Lord" and "Son of David" titles of the messiah who is God and Man.

Trust and perseverance

But our Lord's response is silence, strange enough make the disciples intervene, 'Lord give her what she wants'. She is not discouraged, she does not even stop asking when Jesus' reply seems to end the conversation "it is not fair to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs" Her prayer has no desire to make her look good, to assert her rights, to gain respect, she wishes to take nothing from anyone, in her simplicity and humility a little was enough for her, crumbs sufficed. And at this point Jesus who has loved her since she was created and who will die on the cross for her and who loves her still - recognises that he has brought her to express her faith, hope and love. "Let your wish be granted"

The woman's insistence in imploring Christ's intervention is an encouragement to us never to lose heart and not to despair, even in the harshest trials of life, The Lord does not close his eyes to our needs; and if to us he seems at times insensitive to our requests for his mercy it is not to refuse it but to inflame our desire for it.

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