4th Sunday of Easter

4th Sunday of Easter

Jesus' gift of Himself

We follow the Good Shepherd because we recognise his voice. It's the voice of our lover. A lover who is so passionate about us that he gives us even his body, his blood, his soul, his very being, in Holy Communion. A lover who wants to give us life, life to the full. Never forget. The most important thing we are given isn't a set of rules, a philosophy, a book, an organisation - we are given a person, Jesus. And he gives himself to us because as he tells us, he is the gate, he is the gate keeper, he is the Good Shepherd, the bread of life, the way, the truth and the life. That is what he is and because he loves us he wants us to have these things.

The call of beloved

And the way he does this is by calling us, one by one he calls us, because we are his own, we are his. That call - which we all hear in different ways and at different times needs to be answered. It's our lover's call and we are made to be loved. None of us will ever find true happiness without answering that call. No matter how much money we have, how successful we are, how good our health is, how loving our family and friends are, if we do not know and love Jesus we will never know true happiness. There will always be some nagging doubt, some emptiness, something missing. We might try and fill it with money, or buying things, or drink or something else but the only person who can bring satisfaction is Jesus. Because the Good shepherd says without me there is no way, no truth, no life, no resurrection, there are only thieves and brigands who come to destroy.

Holy Communion

The children receiving Holy Communion for the first time are responding to the shepherds' call, indeed even the little child to be baptised is sometimes it's at a time like this that we hear again, or more clearly or even for the first time, that we are being called. What joy, and satisfaction and certainty and security there is an answering that call.

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