3rd Sunday of Easter

3rd Sunday of Easter

How is risen Jesus recognised now?

It is in the Church, in the community of believers gathered together, proclaiming the Gospel and breaking bread, that we now recognise Jesus risen from the dead.It's the answer to the question why doesn't Jesus just appear to everyone and prove he is alive? Because it doesn't work. Even on the road to Emmaus, Jesus is walking with them, talking to them, but they don't recognise him. And when eventually at the breaking of the bread they do recognise him he disappears. Because his risen body is not the way we recognise him now. Now it is in those who believe in him that the risen Jesus is seen and recognised. The Church. His body on earth. But what a responsibility this is.

How to show Jesus to others...

As disciples who believe that Jesus has risen from the dead, that he loves us and saves us, we must show this to others. By the way we speak, the way we work, by our opinions and actions. By what we teach our children, by our care for the poor, by our forgiveness, our tolerance, by our prayer, by our gathering together for mass, by the way we live. Everything we do must point to and reflect the one who loves us so much. I don't say people will look at us and instantly become believers but at least they should look at us and think.

First Holy Communion

Just as the children receiving Jesus in Holy Communion today have in different ways been brought here by the example and teaching of others, most importantly their parents, so had it not been for their parents, their teachers, their catechists, and all of us, they might never have come here. When children make their first holy communion, it might remind us of ours, we might think of more innocent times when we were young, when we loved Jesus so much and said our prayers and went to mass and were full of joy.Those days are not lost to us. Jesus calls each of us with such love and forgiveness. He wants to give himself to each of us in Holy Communion, he wants to fill us with joy. The children today are part of the Church revealing the risen Lord, we might echo the two disciples, saying, 'did not our hearts burn within us as we watched them receiving holy communion for the first time'. Recognise the risen Lord and after mass go home with hearts full of joy and let that joy radiate through every aspect of our lives. Let today be a new start for those who want it, and an encouragement to those who need it.

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