5th Sunday of Lent

5th Sunday of Lent

Just a few words today to conclude our Lenten scriptural journey of love.

Over the past weeks of Lent we've recognised the beauty and wonder of what Jesus our lover gives us. Life and love, healing and happiness. Given not because of anything we've done but simply because he finds us lovable. We spoke to him at the well, we flirted and joked and were a bit difficult but he just spoke to us of the gifts he has for us, and we begin to fall in love. With the man born blind we begin to see him in a different way, to recognise that he is our Saviour and that he has done and is doing such beautiful things for us. Today I must ask am I Martha, am I Mary, am I Lazarus, am I one of the apostles or a bystander?

Now Jesus my lover is the one who weeps, who is in great distress because we, his beloved, are in the grip of sin and because death is an offence against those he loves so much. So now he tells us 'I am the resurrection and the life' I am everything you need and want and are made for. Lazarus is a gift of love, a sign, he will die again but there can be no doubting now the power of our dear Lord. And next week we follow him to Jerusalem and prepare to accompany him on love's great journey.

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