4th Sunday of Lent

4th Sunday of Lent

Divine love

God doesn't see us as we see ourselves or others. That is part of the good news. We are saved by God even though we were sinners. We don't deserve divine love, we are not beautiful, or worthy or worth it, at least not as the world sees it. But Jesus looks at us and sees only someone he loves with a divine love. There is no reason and no point in hiding ourselves from Jesus. Be like children of the light says St Paul and if anything is dark or hidden in our life expose it to Jesus, the light, and the light will illuminate it. A lovely image. Expose everything in ourselves to divine love, to Jesus, and divine love will heal and forgive.

Effects of baptism

This is where yet another of those great miracles from St John's Gospel comes in. Sometimes we can be the man born blind, we can recognise in the same way how our loving Saviour deals with me. We don't ask to be healed from original sin by the cross, it is just done for us out of love by God. Similarly the man doesn't ask to be cured - he just is. Then there is something different about the man after he has washed the little bell that rings is baptism and we think of Hamid who is soon to be baptised, is he the same man? Yes but something's happened, what, I'm not sure says the man, not sure say I. But whatever Jesus has done it's changed something, I can see now in a way I couldn't before, and this change seems to have come from a good man. In fact I am thinking of being his disciple, of following him and learning from him, in fact I will not deny him, he must be a good man who did this to me. And Jesus never leaves us alone, his love is too strong for that. He searches for us and finds us and when the time is right he asks us directly, do you believe in me? In other words do you recognise how much I love you? And we say yes and we worship him. How close now we are getting to being able to accompany our lover to Calvary, to the tomb and to Easter.

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