2nd Sunday of Lent

2nd Sunday of Lent

The transfiguration

The good news which was proclaimed last Sunday is also a call to a journey. Like Abram was called to begin the journey which would lead to him being the Father of a great nation so, says St Paul, we must journey through this life as people who have been saved. The love of God revealed to us by Jesus Our Lord is a love which has saved us, freed us from the effects of Adam's sin. This love, this grace says Paul was already given to us in God's Son, even before time began, before creation, before Adam sinned and ruined everything, God's forgiving healing, life giving love was already there in his Son, and now, in our time, it is revealed in that Son made man, Jesus Christ.

It is beautiful, and it's awe inspiring and it's moving and it's beyond words. If we have encountered Jesus, even if only briefly at prayer or in a moment of surprise, and experienced the love and forgiveness he offers, if we have begun to grasp the good news that because of Jesus and what he does for us we can go to heaven, we are not doomed to everlasting death, we are friends again with God, our only source of true happiness, then we are able to be truly human. If we have heard him calling our name, felt him touch us then we begin to understand the transfiguration. A moment of anticipation, and clarity and wonder. A moment when we taste, even if it suddenly disappears and seems like a dream, the personal love of our dear Jesus who is also the all powerful, overpowering, incomprehensible God in union with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Our struggle to understand this must work itself out on the cross. Tell no one about this vision until the Son of Man has risen from the dead. Our Saviour took just three of the apostles to the high mountain for this experience of his glory and the command 'Listen to Him', but all the apostles will have to pass through the crucifixion, through the difficulties and sufferings in different ways before they will be able to recognise the Saviour risen from the dead in whom they too are risen to new life. Lent can be that for us, a time of hardship a time of the cross which will lead to resurrection.

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