Parish statistics

Parish statistics

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Area and population

St Joseph's parish in Longsight covers three-hundred hectares of a densely populated inner city area, just outside of Manchester city centre.

The parish population is growing, and the mid-2014 population estimate of 20.1k persons had already exceeded the 2012-based population projection of 19.4k and is closer to the levels that were expected in 2020.

Further, sustained growth of the population is expected in the coming years due to a number of housing development projects in the parish area.


The majority (62%) of the parish population is aged between 18 and 44, with a very few (3%) residents aged over 75. The high number of young adults in the parish population is most likely caused by a significant student population (nearly a half of working age population) and also a high level of migration, with most immigrants falling into this age band.

Consequently, the parish population has a high ethnic mix, with no single dominant ethnicity and a high proportion of people (30%) declaring language other than English as their main language, with 3 percent stating that they can't speak English at all.

In the parish area roughly a third of the population declared their religion as 'Christian', a third as 'Muslim' and a fifth stated they have no religion. Between 2001 and 2011, the parish area saw an increase in number of people in all these groups, including a modest increase in the number of Christians, despite a decrease observed in the southern part of the Greater Manchester area.

Families and occupation

Majority (65%) of the parish area declared their marital status as 'single, never married'. However in comparison with southern part of the Greater Manchester region, the parish has a higher proportion of married couples with dependent children and a lower proportion of cohabiting couples.

The proportion of people aged over 16 with no formal qualifications in the parish is 18 percent, which is lower than the national average of 23 percent. Over a half of the parish population has a formal Level 3+ qualification (A-levels or above).

Despite of a high proportion of the parish population having at least Level 3 qualification, many people are employed in elementary occupations or sales and customer service roles, mainly in retail and accommodation industries. High proportion of population also works part-time. This may be due to high number of students and immigrants (whose qualifications may be not recognised by an employer).

Nearly 80 percent of households in the parish rent their accommodation. This is considerably higher than a proportion observed in the south of Greater Manchester (56%).

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