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Have you ever wondered what time Holy Mass is on a feast day? Or came for Mass or confessions at St Joseph's only to find out there was a last minute change? Would it be useful to get a text or email with updates a day before? If so - please subscribe for notifications using the form below. The service is free and you'll have an option of getting all notifications, or only Sunday or weekday services.

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Holy Mass

Monday - Thursday: 9am
Friday: 7pm
Saturday: 9am and 6.30pm (Sunday's Mass)
Sunday: 11am


Saturday: after 9am Mass and 6pm to 6.20pm
Sunday: 10.30am to 10.50am and 3.30pm to 4pm


Parish Priest: Fr Ian Farrell
Address: St Joseph's Presbytery, Portland Crescent, Manchester, M13 0BU
Call or text: 0757 528 8370


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