Deanery statistics

Deanery statistics

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The diocese of Salford is split into eight deaneries, each consisting of 15 to 30 parishes. St Joseph's parish belongs to the deanery of St Ambrose Barlow, which covers South Manchester area.


Overall, the deanery, consiting of 26 parishes, covers the area of just over 100 square kilometers (10k hectares). The 2014 population size was estimated at 474k, a 2 percent increase since 2011. Majority of usual residents were aged between 18 and 35 (37%), followed by those aged 36 to 64. Only 11 percent of the population was aged over 65. Nearly a half of the population declared their religion as Christian, followed by a quarter declaring 'no religion' and 15 percent declaring a Muslim belief.

Parishes in the western and eastern parts of the deanery have a higher proportion of retired people (on average 14%) than those in the central part of the deanery, which tend to have a sizeable student population. The pattern of population declaring no religion, tends to follow that of the student population, suggesting that a relatively high proportion of students declares no religion.


The number of households in the deanery was estimated at 187k, of which over a third did not have access to a car and nearly a half rented their accomodation. Just over a half of all households were occupied by a family, a third were one person households, with 10 percent being occupied by a person over 65 living alone. About 14 percent fell into other category, with 3 percent being fully occupied by full time students.

Change in the Christian population

It is also worth noting that the between 2001 and 2011, when the overall population size in the deanery increased by about 18 percent from 393k to 464k, the Christian population decreased by 9 percent (251k to 230k). At the same time both Muslim population and group declaring no religion increased significantly. Muslim population slightly more than doubled (34k to 69k) and the 'no religion group' increased by 85 percent (64k to 119k).

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