St Joseph's choir

St Joseph's choir

Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving; Sing praises to our God on the lyre ..."

-- Psalm 147:7

About us

The Parish is blessed with a dedicated choir. We meet each Sunday at 10.15am in our rehearsal room (the little chapel). At the beginning of each Sunday Mass, we sing the short entrance hymn (Introit). This means learning something brand new each week, in about 20 minutes. The Psalm is another challenge, but after a few years we are gaining in confidence and we hope the tune we use now makes it easier for the congregation to join in.

We have increased our repertoire for Easter and Christmas. For Christmas 2015 we sung some very nice carols before the Midnight Mass and our music programme will increase over time.


The photos below show you some of the singers currently in the choir. Some of us have been singing together for over 6 years and a couple of years ago we started admitting girls aged over 9 who will carry the choir into the future.

How to join

We always like having new people joining us - it is a bit of commitment but is well worth it! Come and meet us any Sunday morning at 10.15am.

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Where to find us?


Parish Priest: Fr Rob Morland SMA
Address: St Joseph's Presbytery, Portland Crescent, Manchester, M13 0BU
Call or text: 0757 528 8370


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